Suing Google: Censoring Reports on the Silencing of Whistleblowers and Trillions of Unaccounted For Tax Dollars at the Pentagon

I am currently looking for legal representation to file a lawsuit against Google. I am also open to joining a class action lawsuit with others who have been censored by Google.

My latest report has been pulled from Google’s search results. If you search for the headline, you will see that my DeGraw.Media report is not listed in the results:

Pentagon: 95,613 Whistleblower Complaints, Trillions of Tax Dollars Unaccounted For

The few results returned are from websites that linked to my report.

This is the second report in a row that they have censored. The previous report was also pulled from their search results: 10 Mind-Blowing Pentagon Audit Reports All Americans Need to Know

However, after making noise about it on social media, that post was relisted. Perhaps if this case of censorship starts getting attention, they will relist the new report as well.

I can no longer afford to waste time, energy and money battling Google’s latest censorship moves against me.

I’ve been dealing with Google censoring my work since 2010, when I was reporting on trillions of dollars in fraud back then as well, that time it was fraud on Wall Street. Here’s one of several interviews that I did on Google’s censorship back then.

Previous reports that I’ve published on the Pentagon Audit were also censored on Google. However, the website that those reports were posted on, Changemaker.Media, was consistently hacked and I ended up having the IP address and url of that website hijacked from me.

Between hacking, censorship and suppression, it has become extremely difficult to make a living reporting online, to say the least.

Not “Fake News”

Given the intensity of the topics that I’m reporting on and the prevalence of fake news, I have been very careful to document sources and have been primarily focused on citing government reports. The Government Accountability Office and the Department of Defense Inspector General’s office are the two most frequently cited sources that I have used.

National Security Censorship?

Given that my reports are laying out the details on how trillions of our tax dollars have gone unaccounted for, and how a record number of whistleblowers have been systemically silenced and retaliated against at the Pentagon, it is possible that Google has received National Security-related requests to remove my reports. If that is the case, Google cannot be held legally responsible for their actions.

However, that would open up what I believe is the biggest underlying issue, which I will definitely need legal counsel for. It is this very issue of abusing “national security” privilege that has been a primary focus of my reporting.

As I’ve frequently cited in previous reports, Intelligence Community Inspector General investigators and whistleblowers have made it clear that corruption is running rampant under the guise of “National Security.” (See here and here.)

When it comes to corruption throughout military spending and the silencing of whistleblowers, Americans are in strong agreement. My reports have received support from people with opinions across the entire political spectrum. In fact, the diversity of supporters that I hear from is disorienting. One minute I am hearing from someone who is a diehard Trump supporter and the next minute I’m hearing from someone who is a hardcore Trump hater. One minute I am hearing from someone who has spent their career serving in the military and the next minute I’m hearing from a peace activist.

I firmly believe that we are quickly approaching a tipping point. If the American people were aware of the evidence that I’m providing in these censored reports, we can unite around these key fundamental issues of systemic “national security” state corruption.

I really don’t want to have to resort to lawsuits, but I’m backed into a corner now. I’ve been working hard to uncover the biggest corruption scandal in the history of this nation, and now I can’t even afford to support my family anymore.

Journalism is effectively dead in this country because “news” organizations aren’t allowed to report on “National Security” state corruption. The only serious investigative reporting on these issues is coming from a handful of independent journalists who are hacked, censored and suppressed online every step of the way.

How are the American people supposed to defend their families in a serious way when they aren’t even being informed on the underlying corruption that is taking place?

That’s the whole point, right?

Under the guise of “National Security,” American taxpayers are being held hostage, and no one is allowed to talk about it. Report on it, and Google will censor you. You will also be suppressed on social media and your website will consistently hacked until you can no longer make a living at reporting online.

I may have reached the end of my rope, the personal costs have become too extreme to just keep focused on reporting. It may be a losing battle, but I will not go quietly.

Please read and share these reports:

Pentagon Audit: Evidence Proving $21 Trillion Unaccounted For – Opening Statement

10 Mind-Blowing Pentagon Audit Reports All Americans Need to Know

Pentagon: 95,613 Whistleblower Complaints, Trillions of Tax Dollars Unaccounted For

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